National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Philosophy in Creative Video and Digital Media Industry


The Graduate Studies of Creative Video and Digital Media Industries aims its ability to prepare students to work in a variety of media. The graduate program also committed to cultivating students in humanities and arts. This graduate study cooperates closely with government policies in media technology by planning a comprehensive digital teaching environment. In integrating theory and practice, the College of Communication has established “Voice of Taiwan University of Arts Radio Station” and Art’s TV Virtual Studio” to provide students with solid and comprehensive practical experience in audio and video programming.


National Taiwan University of Arts Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Video and Digital Media Industries The doctoral program aims to cultivate the professional creative talent who has the speculation ability of science and technology and humanistic literacy, the ability of audio and video media innovation, the analysis capabilities of industrial environment and trend with the localization and international perspective, and the ability of cross-domain integration and application. The curriculum is divided into three main fields: film and television production, digital media industry, and digital media and history. The students would graduate with academic research and practical creation skills. Employment fields: the students could be engaged in higher education professionals and would be the senior planning talent of independent digital audio and video production.

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