Established Voice of Taiwan University of Arts Radio Station and Virtual Studio to be the two major practicum units. The two units received enormous success in student learning and student-industry cooperative program. To better integrate available resources, the Digital Media Art Center was created to train more media producing talentse 2005.

Management Orientation

  1. Assist all practicum facility to ensure proper management to allow effective learning and student practicum.
  2. Providing maximum benefits by sharing resources for both classroom learning and industry co-op; providing education resources for media production and planning; promoting cooperation between industry, government and academia.

Management Principle

  1. Scheduled classes have priority, while the remainder time opens to booking for students and teachers.
  2. For official and industry co-op program uses, booking will be scheduled outside of class times.

Future Development

  1. Become learning and practicum ground, industry co-op and digital media content production center for undergraduate and graduate classes.
  2. Provide an exposure platform for student to showcase their talents, and broadcast their works.
  3. Enable digital media content production, online learning, educational material production to provide media content database for the school maximizing learning results.
  4. Effectively utilize center resources to obtain co-op projects with industry, government and other academia.

Voice Of Taiwan University Of Art VOTA 88.3 Vota.Ntua.Edu.Tw

  1. Voice of Taiwan University of Art (VOTA) at FM88.3. with the slogan: Voice of Taiwan University of Art at making sound waves in Banqio at FM88.3.
  2. Operates by second year students from the Department of Radio and Television. The team is responsible for recruiting program hosts and live DJ’s.
  3. Programing strategy aims to strike a balance between fusing community, and art and lifestyle.
  4. Practicum team includes: station director, vice station director, program director, head of news department, director of management, head of engineering, art director, director of events, director of public relations, webmaster. Team is responsible for producing various on-air broadcast programs, as well as provide live news and live DJ programs at noon and in the evening.

Virtual Studio Artstv.Ntua.Edu.Tw

  1. The first practicum recruitment for the NTUA Internet Profession Television, Art’s TV, was in 2009. Art’s TV provides video production training for talents with annual recruitment of new talents in June.
  2. Hopes to become a multifunctional platform providing for practical application, creative production, digital content and showcase delivery.
  3. Practicum team includes: station director, vice station director, head of news department, program director, director of advertising and public relations, engineering department, etc.
  4. Scheduled studio production for the news program, “Art’s TV News Magazine” and a variety of other programs and commercials.

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